Child Afraid To Sleep Because Of Evil Presence

The CE4 Research Group

Testimony – 38

Jasmine’s Story 

Hi Joe, 
After looking through your website and several christians experiences with the deceiving abduction experiences from demons, it was chillingly similar to something I experienced when I was a child too living in South Australia. I reluctantly will talk about it both because people don’t believe me, think I am crazy or believe I was dreaming, and because of how frightening it is to think about it.  
Seeming you share the same belief as me, that ‘aliens’ are really demons here to decieve us away from Jesus I will tell you my own experience. I was a very scared child for some reason when I was young, I never wanted to sleep by myself and always wanted to sleep with mum in her bed because of this fear, and I know all kids are scared but for some reason I just knew there was something always there when I was by myself.  
One night, I believe I was about 7, around 1987 sleeping next to my mum on the right, I had my eyes shut but knew something was standing there looking at me. I felt fear like none other, but I was not paralyzed so I opened my eyes bravely. And there it was, this wrinkly leathery brown, with the moonlight reflected on it, demonic being with dark eyes (and I knew it was demonic on the basis of the fear I felt from it) looking upon me. In fear I ducked own under the covers and started shaking my Mum who was asleep but said I was just having a bad dream  – however I knew what I saw. I slowly looked out from over the covers and whatever it was, was gone.  
The next morning I woke up and noticed dark markings on the carpet where this demon had been standing.  
Anyway, I at first believed this to be a monster of some sort because I didn’t know anything about aliens. I must have known it was evil as when I went to Sunday school I told my teachers about this experience. My mum also had a friend who told me that she believed aliens were demons when I told her my experience, but years after that, I didn’t move away from God, but I was certainly decieved by believing I had seen an alien due to what society had dubbed this so-called phenomena happening world wide. I didn’t think it could be a demon, I just had to force myself to believe it was an alien.  

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