Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show: A Celebration of the Grand Priestess of the Music Industry

When I learned that Madonna – aka the Grand Priestess of the music industry – would be performing at the Superbowl halftime show, I thought: “This should be interesting”. And it was. While most were amazed by a woman in her fifties dancing around with LMFAO and others were annoyed at her lip-syncing, I was interested with something else: the flurry of symbolism flashed to billions of viewers worldwide. While most considered Madonna’s performance as an entertaining interlude to the most important football game of the year, those blessed with symbol-literacy will probably agree with the following statement: Madonna’s halftime show was a big celebration of the Illuminati industry and of its Grand Priestess, Madonna.

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Notice the words: "World Peace" in the end of the video.

Can it be more obviouse whom she and the music industry is serving?


The Occult in Christian Music

Här ser du Bill Johnson som promotas av
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This is what they call a "Fire Tunnel". In this tunnel, people are supposedly getting drunk in the spirit and getting healed. This is not only un-Biblical, it's demonic and no Christian should be anywhere near this. Look up the word, "Kundalini" on You Tube and you'll see what is going on. source