Christians continue to insist that Alcoholics Anonymous is compatible with Christianity because of its so-called Christian roots. That is because of its early connection with the Oxford Group, which is now called Moral Re-Armament (MRA). The founders of AA were involved in the Oxford Group movement during the early days, but there is no record of either Bill Wilson or Bob Smith professing Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord or as the only way to the Father. Neither is there a record of them believing or teaching that the only way of salvation is by grace through faith in the finished work of Christ on the cross.

Frank Buchman, a Lutheran minister, began a movement which he originally called "A First Century Christian Fellowship." In 1928 the name of the movement changed to the "Oxford Group." The other leader of the movement, who was influential in the development of AA, was Samuel Shoemaker, rector of an Episcopal church. The thrust of the movement was experience rather than clear biblical doctrine.

Buchman explained that "he never touched any doctrine in any of his meetings, as he did not want to upset or offend anyone."1 (Emphasis in original.) By keeping his doctrinal beliefs to himself, Buchman was able to appeal to people of all religious persuasions.

The following is Wilson’s description of the Oxford Group:

The Oxford Group was a nondenominational evangelical movement, streamlined for the modern world and then at the height of its very considerable success. . . . They would deal in simple common denominators of all religions which would be potent enough to change the lives of men and women.2 (Emphasis added.)

However, there is some evidence that the founders of AA did have opportunity to hear the Gospel,3 but instead of receiving Christ as Lord and Savior and experiencing freedom in Christ and victory over sin through faith in Christ alone, Wilson and Smith took only what they wanted from the Oxford Group. Here we will examine three aspects of what AA borrowed: guidance, surrender, and moral principles.

Occult Guidance

Members of the Oxford Group practiced what they called guidance by praying and then quieting their minds in order to hear from God. Then they would write down whatever came to them.4 Examples of such "guidance" are in the book God Calling, edited by A. J. Russell of the Oxford Group.5 The book was written anonymously by two women who thought they were hearing from God, but who passively received messages in the same way spiritists obtain guidance from demons.

Members of the Oxford Group primarily found their guidance from within rather than from a creed or the Bible. Buchman, for instance, was known to spend "an hour or more in complete silence of soul and body while he gets guidance for that day."6

J. C. Brown in his book The Oxford Group Movement says of Buchman:

He teaches his votaries to wait upon God with paper and pencil in hand each morning in this relaxed and inert condition, and to write down whatever guidance they get. This, however, is just the very condition required by Spiritist mediums to enable them to receive impressions from evil spirits. . . and it is a path which, by abandoning the Scripture-instructed judgment (which God always demands) for the purely occult and the psychic, has again and again led over the precipice. The soul that reduces itself to an automaton may at any moment be set spinning by a Demon.7 (Emphasis his.)

Dr. Rowland V. Bingham, Editor of The Evangelical Christian says:

We do not object to their taking a pad and pencil to write down any thoughts of guidance which come to them. But to take the thoughts especially generated in a mental vacuum as Divine guidance would throw open to all the suggestions of another who knows how to come as an angel of light and whose illumination would lead to disaster.8 (Emphasis his.)

In a very real sense their personal journals became their personal scriptures. Wilson practiced this passive form of guidance, which he originally learned through the Oxford Group. He and Smith were also heavily involved in contacting and conversing with so-called departed spirits from 1935 on. This is necromancy, which the Bible forbids. During the same period of time, Wilson was practicing spiritism in a manner similar to channeling.9 Thus, Wilson combined the Oxford Group practice of guidance with spiritism or channeling, and this appears to be the process he used when writing the Twelve Steps:

As he started to write, he asked for guidance. And he relaxed. The words began tumbling out with astonishing speed.10

Wilson was accustomed to asking for guidance and then stilling his mind to be open to the spiritual world, which for him involved various so-called departed spirits. Wilson does not identify any specific entity related to the original writing of the Twelve Steps, but he does give credit to the spirit of a departed bishop when he was writing the manuscript for Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, which constitutes Wilson’s commentary on how all of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions are to be understood, interpreted, and practiced.

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Här skriver Filadelfiakyrkan på sin hemsida om en "gudstjänstserie" de ska ha som handlar om Hur hel kan man bli?:
"AA-rörelsen har hjälpt miljontals människor att hitta en väg ut ur ett destruktivt missbruk och påbörja en resa mot upprättelse och hälsa. Men AA är inte bara en hjälp för människor som befinner sig i ett drogmissbruk, AA är också en hjälp för alla som kämpar med sina dåliga vanor, hang-ups och sår. Det många inte vet är att många av stegen i 12-stegsprogrammet är grundade i Jesu undervisning i Nya Testamentet. Under 8 söndagar går vi genom de tolv stegen med utgångspunkt i Jesu undervisning. Välkommen med på en resa mot upprättelse och hälsa!"

Filadelfiakyrkans "pastorer" är helt omedvetna om att grundarna av denna rörelse sysslade med det ockulta!  Läs här!

Efter att jag fått ett mailsvar så förstår jag att F-kyrkans pastorer inte bryr sig om att AA vilar på en ockult grund!

Varför predikar inte Filadelfiakyrkan att enda vägen till att "bli hel" är att omvända sig från sina synder och överlåta sig själv i tro på Jesus Kristus som Herre och Frälsare?!
Men det verkar som ordet SYND och OMVÄNDELSE inte har plats i denna "kyrka"!

Svensk "kristenhet" med dess falska herdar samlar på sig Guds domar!
Titus 2:11 Ty Guds nåd har uppenbarats till frälsning för alla människor. 12 Den fostrar oss att säga nej till ogudaktighet och världsliga begär och att leva anständigt, rättfärdigt och gudfruktigt i den tid som nu är, 13 medan vi väntar på det saliga hoppet, att vår store Gud och Frälsare Jesus Kristus skall träda fram i härlighet. 14 Han har offrat sig själv för oss för att friköpa oss från all laglöshet och rena åt sig ett egendomsfolk, som är uppfyllt av iver att göra goda gärningar.