A Collection of Hymns

     1 ADAM descended from above,
      Federal Head of all mankind,
      The covenant of redeeming love
      In thee let every sinner find.

      2 Its Surety, thou alone hast paid
      The debt we to thy Father owed;
      For the whole world atonement made.
      And sealed the pardon with thy blood

      3 Thee, the paternal grace divine
      A universal blessing gave,
      A light in every heart to shine,
      A Saviour every soul to save.

      4 Light of the Gentile world, appear!
      Command the blind thy rays to see;
      Our darkness chase, our sorrows cheer,
      And set thy plaintive prisoners flee.

      5 Me, me, who still in darkness sit,
      Shut up in sin and unbelief,
      Bring forth out of this hellish pit,
      This dungeon of despairing grief:

      6 Open mine eyes the Lamb to know,
      Who bears the general sin away;
      And to my ransomed spirit show
      The glories of eternal day.