In this video, Roger comprehensively and very competently demonstrates that what many within the Evangelical Church are calling the Holy Spirit is in fact not the Holy Spirit of the Bible but another Spirit that is leading people back to the Roman Catholic Church. You will be informed, warned and equipped during the course of this teaching so as not to be deceived. We are exhorted in John’s first epistle to test the spirits and failure to do so this last hour is the reason why so many are accepting anything and everything to their own soul’s peril!! Read more


Mega-churches, New world order Agendas Exposed! 2015

From Rick Warren to the emergent church take a look at how their roots and foundations come from marketing and corporations, to rob the community and not to give the people JESUS... A MUST SEE!!! obama,666,forerunner777,secret societies,new age agenda, spiritualism,alex jones,last days, disasters,wars,prophets,new world order, catholic church,religion, masons, illuminati, seventh day adventist, pope,virgin mary, conspiracy theory,jesse ventura, walter veith,Doug Batchelor, ivor myers, stephen bohr, henry wright, randy skeet, pope francis, jesuits, illuminati in movies, satanism in hip hop,freemasons, aliens, angels, demons, isis, prophecies, revelation,


Titus 1

"Församlingsledaren ska som Guds förvaltare vara fläckfri. Han får inte vara självgod, inte häftig, inte missbruka vin, inte vara våldsam eller girig, 8 utan gästfri, godhjärtad, förståndig, hederlig, gudfruktig och behärskad. 9 Han ska hålla sig till lärans tillförlitliga ord, så att han både kan uppmuntra med sund undervisning och tillrättavisa motståndarna."