Dr. Preston Bailey Jr. has been doing a series of interviews on "Discovering the Truth With Dan Duval" to answer your questions on the topics of SRA, DID, Spiritual Warfare and related topics via phone or chat room during the show time. You are also welcome to email your questions to me at crhamlett@gmail.com and I will send the questions in for you before the next interview.

I will be posting a notice here on my blog when a date is set for "Part 4".

Here are the links to the past 3 interviews.

Dr. Preston T. Bailey has been working to bring healing and deliverance to victims of Mind Control for over 3 decades. He is a trail blazer in these and other related areas whose experience has been invaluable to ministers and counselors world wide. He has helped to bring deliverance and healing to many survivors like myself. During the series of interviews, we will be tapping Dr. Bailey's extensive experience to answer or at least speak to many questions. The purpose of this series will be to provide a forum for live callers to get their questions about the issues related to mind control answered by a professional.

Dr. Preston T. Bailey Jr. is the author of "Spiritual Warfare: Defeating the Forces of Darkness". His web site is spiritualwarfarecenter.com
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