BEWARE of Montessori Schools!


Question: Do you have any helpful resources concerning Montessori education? I have a friend who is planning to send his kids to a Christian school, where the Montessori-principles for education is used. If I understand it correctly, Montessori education is closer to new age than to the Bible.

Answer: I hope to find time to give a more complete answer later, but for now I will simply post some information that might guide you. First, look at this statement of beliefs from the International Montessori Council website. Notice how the Montessori philosophy fits into the UN plan for Global Education:

"We believe that:

• Our actions as adults should mirror what we teach our children.

• A culturally diverse, inclusive attitude creates a respectful, collaborative culture that is essential to our mission and vision.

• Maintaining absolute integrity by communicating openly and honestly among ourselves and with those we serve is essential to our success.

• Recognizing and respecting the individual needs of everyone involved in our work helps build a "sense of community" among us.

• Our commitment to the educational experience encompasses academic excellence, teaching of universal values and nurturing the spirit, global understanding and service.
• A doorway to world peace through the education of children is possible in our time.

• Parents are full members who stand with us as partners in the Montessori educational process...."

The following quotes from an article titled "Religion and Montessori" show the beliefs of the Maria Montessori, the founder and inspiration behind the Montessori philosophy. You can visit the website to see the quotes in context.

”In the book, 'The child, society and the The Child, Society and the World: Unpublished Speeches and Writings, Dr Montessori addresses the question on religion, first within a religious setting and then to a secular group. She says...

“We must remember that religion is a universal sentiment which is inside everybody and has been inside every person since the beginning of the world. It is not something which we must give to the child". Maria Montessori …

“According to our educational theory, the child is driven to develop by way of the needs and tendencies that are innate to all of humanity. What we - as Montessorians- implement in our prepared environments rests on the notion that it must correspond to these natural drives….

“Dr Montessori identified religious sentiment to be an expression of the human tendency toward elevation. that tendency that urges humanity to go beyond the every day, mundane aspects of life, and uplift their souls to spiritual realities.

“The intention is to be one with god, by establishing spiritual ties with god.

“Just as language has many expressions: English, Swedish, Swahili, and so forth, so does elevation express itself by way of different creeds: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and many different belief systems in order to communicate with and about god.

“… little children…. are immersed in an spiritual atmosphere". …

“There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Dr Montessori was not only brought up as a roman catholic, but also remained to be one throughout her life. …


But occult connections are becoming increasingly common in schools everywhere. In A Twist of Faith  I tell about a hike in Muir Woods with a elementary school teacher from Kansas City who admitted she was also a witch and a lesbian. Countless women involved in feminist spirituality (goddess worship, witchcraft, Native American shamanism, etc.) are teaching their beliefs to our children in schools across the country. (My emp. with red)

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