Bethel’s Medical Healing Conference to bring army; activate impartation

A gathering of medical professionals who pray for their patients seems like a fantastic idea, in the right context. But there is more to Bethel Church’s upcoming Medical Healing Conference than meets the eye. The April event starring self-proclaimed “prophet” Bill Johnson invites medical professionals to experience Bethel and “marry the natural with the supernatural,” or the science of medicine with God.

You may be thinking, “Good! There’s nothing unbiblical about praying for patients or asking God to skillfully guide a surgeon’s hand.” And on this point I’d agree.

But this is no ordinary conference, and its goal, as you are about to see, is anything but biblical Christianity. I’d like to show you a glimpse behind the curtain.

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If you know nothing about the dangerous unbiblical theology behind Bethel Church of Redding, Calif., and its lead pastor Bill Johnson, this report may surprise and concern you. I’ve included many links at the bottom of this article for you to begin to study and research why so many discerning Christians are warning and fleeing this movement. Please hold what you learn up to the light of truth in Scripture.

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kan du se en New Wine konferens i sommar som

Lugnetkyrkan i Falun gör reklam för (pastorerna är även med i

styrelsen för New Wine i Sverige!)

Att Bill Johnson och de andra "profeterna" inom  New Wine 

demonbesätter människor bekymrar inte Lugnetkyrkans

"pastorer" eller någon annan "pastor" i Sverige!


Matteus 7:21 Icke kommer var och en in i himmelriket, som säger till mig: 'Herre, Herre', utan den som gör min himmelske Faders vilja. 22 Många skola på 'den dagen' säga till mig: 'Herre, Herre, hava vi icke profeterat i ditt namn och genom ditt namn drivit ut onda andar och genom ditt namn gjort många kraftgärningar?' 23 Men då skall jag betyga för dem: 'Jag har aldrig känt eder; gån bort ifrån mig, I ogärningsmän.'