The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is real, and it is called the Council for National Policy 

What if I told you that there is an extensive well-funded network of conservatives all belonging to one organization, who have managed to control the narrative since Reagan took office? That this network probably united with the rest of the free world in order to destroy the Soviet Union and then used this new-found weakness to spread across the world, uniting with anti-Islamic forces in order to form secret alliances that have ultimately culminated in a world where Trump and Putin are the power players in the market?

It is true! The Council for National Policy was started in 1981, as an Umbrella Organization for Conservatism. According to this well researched decade old website, the CNP has members with links to some of the most deplorable people in society. It has basically been a secret society with private membership, aside from 5 or so years. I will delve into the older member directories in further posts


Database of Council for National Policy Past/Present Officers& Prominent Members Index


Council for National Policy What it Is Ever wonder why the insane faction of the Christian Right seems so powerful in America, larger than it would seem to be, so unlike any of my neighbors, and seems to bleed it's fascist tendencies over into some normal, honest Christians and conservatives? Read more