CNP a shady group


Nation magazine has called it a secretive organization that "networks wealthy right-wing donors together with top conservative operatives to plan long-term movement strategy."

Marc J. Ambinder of ABC News said about the Council: "The group wants to be the conservative version of the Council on Foreign Relations."

CNP members have been given billions of dollars by Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Church and the conservative Washington Times newspaper, and are aligned with various other groups supported by him such as CAUSA International.


The shady members of CNP - they do not give out new names.

Membership is by invitation only. The membership list, previously made public, is now "strictly confidential."


Who Silenced the Outcry?

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
- a.k.a. Phony Conservatives,
Christian Conservatives

-Charlotte Iserbyt seconded Betty’s conclusion. Iserbyt said on Sweet Liberty, speaking particularly of the CNP members: "With their money and the millions who support them and follow their lead, the few-hundred of them (CNP members) could – by concerted action – have us out of the United Nations in thirty days." Now, ask yourself, "Are they One-Worlders or are they unqualified?"

-The Phony Conservatives will never talk about Regional Governance, which is the key to global control of the billions of people on planet earth. If Regionalism were stopped now, and dismantled COG by COG and Watershed by Watershed the globalists’ plan will crumble.



Dominionism is man’s attempt to occupy and subdue the world as God’s stewards of the earth. While we are called to occupy the world and spread the Good News of the gospel, dominionists believe it is our duty to vanquish evil before Jesus’ final return. This is man’s attempt to do what God alone can do–usher in permanent peace.

Left wing dominionists often believe that Jesus can only return once man has vanquished injustice, poverty and economic inequality. Many believe Jesus cannot return until this is accomplished. Many left wing dominionists also subscribe to the beliefs of collective salvation, where all creation is ultimately saved because of their efforts.

Right wing dominionists often believe man must conquer and subdue institutions like government, commerce and media to usher in Jesus’ return. Many believe in a Christian theocracy for government.

Both sects of Dominionism are attempting to override biblical prophecy which states the world will grow increasingly more evil until Jesus returns to vanquish evil, condemn the wicked and establish His everlasting Kingdom.


In essence... the phony conservatives are nothing more than CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. They appear to be opposing the New World Order so therefore, people like me and you will heave a sigh of relief, send in our checks and say, "thank God, somebody is doing something". They are apparently working for the global elite and we have all been too trusting and too naive and too lazy to notice. "BUT..." , you say, "they sound so sincere and caring and they tell us so much." Yes, they do. They HAVE to, or else how would we have become so trusting of them?

Consider this. The phony conservatives are like RAT POISON. 90% of the ingredients in RAT POISON are actually nutritious for the rat. It’s that small amount... just 10% of the ingredients that KILL THE RAT. They are the POISON, we are the RATS that have been caught in their traps and they are in fact, KILLING US.


The Council for National Policy (CNP) is an organization within the U.S. government that meets secretly, and is the conservative version of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).


The Government Church labels the Remnant“a cult”

-The church in America is “married” to, through pledges of allegiance and oaths, an earthly entity that celebrates the open worship of all gods, the open slaughter of innocent human beings and whatever else is being permitted on a planet under the god of this world.


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