One of the many ways professing Evangelical Christians are being merged with the world religion is through celebrity gurus. Read about gurus in India to see how they are treated by their devotees. Within Evangelicalism there are gurus promoted by the powerful that command the uncritical following of most professing Christians.

These celebrity gurus are beyond critique. If someone does point out unbiblical characteristics, their followers take it personally because guruism is a form of idolatry. There are serious reasons not to set up C.S. Lewis as an icon to be quoted frequently as if his writings were scripture. Among them are the use of his writings by the powerful of this world to popularize occult fanstasy and wizardry and magic among Christian young people, preparing them for the counterfeit miracles of the lawless one. (See 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12)

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divine or demonic?