Photos of C. H. Spurgeon's Ancient Mystery Religion of Lucifer Hand Signal

The Lion's Paw

A. Ralph Epperson, an historian, author, and lecturer, who has been researching this ancient hand sign since the 1970's, explains the meaning of the Lion's Paw hand signal:

The Lion's Paw is a 6000 year old symbol that is used as a way of communicating to initiates of the world-wide ANCIENT MYSTERY RELIGION of LUCIFER (Satan) WORSHIP that those who display the Lion's Paw symbol are also initiates themselves. (1)

The Lion's Paw (which can be displayed openly or inside a jacket) was in use thousands of years before the institution of Freemasonry, so it is not Masonic in origin. However, the Freemasons adopted this Ancient Mystery Religion of Lucifer hand sign and gave it their own Masonic name:

The Sign of the Master of the Second Veil.


Below is a photo of Charles Spurgeon as a young man posing with the Lion's Paw hand signal—commonly referred to as The Hidden Hand. This photo is found in the book, Sketch of the Life and Ministry of Rev. C. H. Spurgeon. From original documents, published in New York by Sheldon and Co. in 1859. (3)

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