Daughter of Satanic Mind Control Programmer Exposes What Really Goes on During Halloween

(Flow of Wisdom) My guest Cisco Wheeler was raised in the occult and warns everyone not to allow their children to partake in the pagan holiday, Halloween.

During this show, Cisco shares some harsh memories of what took place behind the scenes within the occult. During a previous conversation with Cisco she told me that this time of the year is always tough for her. I asked her to share why. She shared a story of what happened to her at the age of three.

She reflects back to some questions she asked her mother about what happened to her. Her mother tells her that her father wanted to take her to see her family. It was not her dad’s relatives she went to see, but her dad’s satanic family.

Her mother said when she returned, she did not know who she was, where her bedroom was, her toys, who her mother or sisters were or anything. “They shattered my mind” she said. They re-programmed her, to what some of us know as MK Ultra.   

Her father was known as Dr. Black who was a 33 degree mason who sat on the grand jury counsel and was a programmer for the Illuminati and full blown satanist.

She warns people to not let their children partake in any of the festivities surrounding Halloween, because of the human sacrifices that take place during this time of the year.

Far too often we read about stories of missing children all over the world and many of them whom never are found. Cisco as well as my guest Doc Marquis in the second hour of this show, both say that these “missing children” are in fact taken and used as sacrifices in occult rituals and programmed for the benefit of the occult called the Illuminati.


"Remember the fact that the Illuminati believes that they cannot achieve their New World Order without a huge, monstrous flow of human sacrificial blood. Wars count as human sacrifice, but young children are the most precious to Lord Satan. Source