"Denominations are sin; hence, we cannot compromise in this. God said that divisions (sects, denominations,) are of the flesh. We cannot say that divisions are spiritual. If we are not faithful to the Lord, we are not His servants and cannot preach His words. Denominationalism is always to be condemned."


Further Talks on The Church Life

More than ten yearsafter giving the messages contained in his widely-published book. The Normal Christian Church Life, Watchman Nee spoke several important messages on the practice of the church life. Given between 1948 and 1951, these messages strongly confirm his commitment to the light that he had received from the Lord and ministered to his body prior to quite a long time of testing.


Watchman Nee’s Life and Ministry

"From the evening I was saved, I began to live a new life, for the life of the eternal God had entered into me."

--What the Lord revealed to me was extremely clear: Before long He would raise up local churches in various parts of China. Whenever I closed my eyes, the vision of the birth of local churches appeared...

When the Lord called me to serve Him, the prime object was not for me to hold revival meetings so that people might hear more scriptural doctrines, nor for me to become a great evangelist. The Lord revealed to me that He wanted to build up local churches in other localities to manifest Himself, to bear testimony of unity on the ground of locality so that each saint might perform his duty in the church and live the church life. God wants not merely individual pursuit of victory or spirituality, but a corporate, glorious church presented to Himself.