Dr. Jim Garlow at Skyline Church in LaMesa, CA 

Nearly 25 years ago, radio and television evangelists began speaking about a new political religion that would direct its efforts toward taking control of all institutions, including mainstream denominations and the government. Its stated goal was to use the United States to create a global Christian empire. This call for fundamentalists and evangelicals to take political power was radical, and a mutation of traditional Christianity. Today the political activity of Christians is viewed as the normal thing to do. You are led to believe that all Christians vote Republican, and to do otherwise is just plain wrong!

The late
Dr. James Adams, a Unitarian from Harvard Divinity School, once said, "The Nazis were not going to return with swastikas and brown shirts. Their ideological inheritors had found a mask for fascism in the pages of the Bible." Adams saw in the Christian Right, disturbing similarities with the German Christian Church and the Nazi Party. He had been in Germany in 1935 and 1936 and worked with the underground anti-Nazi church, known as the Confessing Church, led by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Adams was eventually detained and interrogated by the Gestapo, who suggested he might want to consider returning to the United States. When he was teaching at Harvard, he stated that American fascists would rise under the guise of religion to dismantle the open society. [1]

A Look at the Past
Let's take a look at how the Church in Germany ran into the ditch. It didn't take much to change the minds of many professing Christians. Dr. Alfred Rosenberg, a Nazi change agent, played an important role in the development of Positive Christianity, which he intended to be transitional to a new Nazi faith.[2


Quotation from the article:
"Those who believe Christians must vote and be involved in upholding righteousness in the civil arena forget that it is the Lord who uphold those who are righteous. There should be no involvement with the affairs of the world."