John Macarthur's Father's Involvement at the Highest Level of the World Ecumenical Movement

Articles have been written on the subject of John Macarthur's new evangelical ecumenism. 1. And I have been told by one GCC pastor that John Macarthur believes the biblical doctrine of separation to be too negative with the implication that he won't obey it. John Macarthur disobeys God's Word regarding separation for the purpose of relationship building (ecumenism). At GCC, the doctrine of separation has been replaced by the dialectical process.

The goal of the ecumenical movement is to create a one-world religion for the worship of Lucifer. Ecumenists (bridge-builders) in the leadership of the various denominations direct the churches to set aside their differences, find common ground, and unify. John Macarthur preaches against ecumenism, however, his family and ministry are firmly rooted in the ecumenical movement.

In The Voice of Calvary Legacy, John Macarthur paid tribute to his father, Dr. John "Jack" Macarthur. He served on the Extension Staff of Moody Bible Institute and later became the director of Charles E. Fuller Evangelistic Foundation. 2. In 1968, the Fuller Evangelistic Foundation changed its name to the Fuller Evangelistic Association.

According to Charles Fuller's son, Daniel Fuller, the Fuller Evangelistic Foundation was established in 1942 and started Fuller Theological Seminary in 1947. (Give the Winds a Mighty Voice) Fuller Seminary has played a strategic role in the global ecumenical movement and has launched numerous apostate organizations and movements such as the Vineyard (John Wimber), Renovare (Richard Foster), AD2000 United Prayer Track (C Peter Wagner), Coalition on Revival (Jay Grimstead), the US Center for World Mission (Ralph Winter) and others. The article, Filling the Blanks with Fuller, describes Fuller Seminary as an ecumenical think tank seminary which has fostered, nurtured, and promoted the apostasy globally. "The global ecumenical movement is a political movement of the highest order and must not be confused with anything even remotely resembling Christianity." (Filling the Blanks with Fuller)

Out of Fuller Theological Seminary came the US Center for World Mission (Ralph Winter) and their Perspectives Course which was a prototype course of ecumenical study and aberrant theology. The US Center for World Mission is an umbrella organization for nearly every major missions organization in the world. Under their umbrella is the Billy Graham Evangelical Association (Greg Laurie is a board member.) Billy Graham was on the Board of Trustees at Fuller Seminary and Rick Warren (CFR member) received his Doctorate in Ministry from Fuller Seminary.


WHO is Macarthur talking to?! To you or to himself?

He mentiones Billy Graham as a false Christian, but he did not says why.

Is it because BG is a mason and an ecumenical like himself and as his father was?

Perhaps I missed something about BG, but I could just stand half the "sermon" as it is in my opinion SO boring and absolutely without the Holy Spirit!

But Macarthur is a fascinating person - being a dangerous wolf in sheep clothing!



Luke 16:15 And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.