Carlsbad, CA October 8 – Evil-World News obtained a declassified CIA document from January 2, 1952 through FOIA that reveals the incredible satanic thinking of the US Government during “the good old days“, when we Americans were truly living in ignorance and bliss aka fantasyland.

The CIA’s “Operation/Project Bluebird” was the predecessor to the infamous “Operation MK-ULTRA” where hundreds of thousands of Americans were given LSD without their knowledge as referenced below in another government document –

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 10.18.49 AM

When the CIA redacted much of the below document, they failed to redact the damning words “FOR OUR BENEFIT“. What this means is that the CIA was posing the below questions as a goal/desire for themselves. This removes the possibility that they were doing this so they could discover what other countries could do, namely the former Soviet Union.

FOR OUR BENEFIT means the CIA wants to create people that they can override their basic moral principles and crash airplanes, wreck trains, etc. among other things.

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