By John R. Rice

1. Parable of the Tares: "Leave Them Alone Till Harvest."

2. "But Love the Modernists as Christian Brothers."

3. The Great Success of the Compromise Proves God Is for It.

4. "Fundamentalists Are Jealous, Envious Pharisees."

5. "Touch Not Mine Anointed."

6. Gamaliel's Advice, "If Not of God, It Will Come to Nought."

7. "Judge Not, That Ye Be Not Judged."

8. "The Holy Spirit Will Take Care of the Converts When They Are Sent to Modernistic Churches."

9. "Sinners Will Be Turned Away From Christ by Christians' Disagreeing."

This will be a Bible message expounding Scriptures. So the proper thing for an honest Christian to do is to read carefully and critically, see if the Scriptures are quoted correctly, see if they are explained honestly.

There is a group of Christians in America who call themselves "New Evangelicals." Dr. Harold Ockenga of Boston says he coined the term. Christian Life magazine, Christian Today, Fuller Seminary and Dr. Billy Graham are, we suppose, the principal exponents of the "New Evangelicalism."

The term means that they have invented a new kind of evangelicalism which is not so offensive to the enemies of Christ and the Bible, and so they hope to avoid much of the reproach which came to old-time fundamentalists or old-time evangelicals as they defended the historic Christian faith. The New Evangelicals are for Bible believers' staying in the denominations controlled by modernists, joining in ministerial associations on an equal with those who deny the faith and with Catholics and with false cults, and uniting with modernists and neo-orthodox people and false cults in revival campaigns, etc.

Now the Bible has many clear statements forbidding Christians' having spiritual fellowship or ties with unconverted people.

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