Walter C. Vetsch  
November 22, 2013

It is not that uncommon for a funeral home to tell grieving relatives that the casket should remain closed because the body is damaged and would be upsetting if viewed. However, on some occasions, relatives have been able to view the casket contents only to find, to their horror, that the only things inside were a couple of bloody rags and a pair of tennis shoes. Where’s the body? This is the secret reality we wish to uncover in this article.

The Medical Secrecy Complex

The medical industry operates much like the military. There is the concept of rank. Doctors are the “generals” and can do as they please. Nurses and assorted techs are below them and must obey the chain of command without question. If they disobey, they face consequences similar to government whistleblowers. The medical security complex can’t put them in jail or charge them with treason or espionage for speaking the truth like the government does, but it can and will end their career and blacklist them so they will never work again — anywhere. Since considerable effort is required to become, for example, a registered nurse, no one dares to go against the hierarchy even though they may personally witness murders and other serious crimes committed by those above them in the chain of command.

The laws supposedly passed to “protect patient privacy” are effectively used as a legal basis for covering up crimes committed by doctors and their associated minions. These laws allow the medical security complex to hide information which, if known, would show that they had killed, abused or otherwise caused serious harm to a patient.

Living Creatures are Not Inanimate Junk

If a part on your car is broken you can probably find a unusable wrecked car like yours at a junk yard which contains the part you need which is undamaged. That’s fine and you can generally save money.

So, you ask, if you need a spare part for your body like a fresh heart, liver or kidney, what’s the problem with going to the medical junk yard of fresh “dead” bodies and getting the replacement part you need?

The problem is that living things are alive because they are multidimensional and the energy source that sustains life is not in this dimension. Unfortunately, scientific atheists believe the physical dimension is the only thing which exists. Therefore, to them, there is no difference between a trip to the junk car lot for a replacement part and a trip to the damaged human body facility for a replacement human part.

The Organ Marketplace

The organ marketplace is an industry. Pure and simple — no question about it. Everything in a generally healthy body is sold. There is nothing left.

The popular transplant organs such as heart, liver and kidneys are the high value items. However, there is a market for everything else. Skin from young people — especially children — is in high demand for skin grafts and cosmetic procedures for the rich. The parts for which no medical use has yet been found are sold to the cosmetic industry. Billions are made in this industry. If you have access to fresh “dead” bodies, you can cash in — big time.

Perhaps the biggest players are local coroners. They receive a constant stream of dead bodies and, as government employees, can invoke secrecy laws to shield their lucrative operations. A coroner in a large city can quickly become a billionaire selling body parts. It is generally a cash business and transactions are unreported.

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This is a "New Age" blog as they talk about "the Esoteric Side", chakra and other new age occult terms, but it has also valuable insights about what is going on in the world concerning organs.


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