Banister: I wonder if you might tell me why you felt my explanation of the gospel was defective yesterday.

Deere: I'm not really very prepared to talk about that.

Banister: Well, just off the top of your head what do you think the gospel is?

Deere: I'm not prepared to make a formal statement about that.

Banister: Could you perhaps tell me informally what you believe to be the gospel?"

Deere: I'm not sure.

Banister: I find that quite surprising that you're not sure what the gospel is.

Deere: I used to be just like you...thinking the gospel was simply justification by faith.

Banister: Are you saying it is more than that?...What would you add to it?

Deere: Deliverance, things like demons and healing.

Banister: So, let me get this straight. You would add as an essential part of the gospel things like the exorcising of demons and healing (Deere nodded), sort of like what John Wimber was saying last night at the evangelistic rally that it's the 'complete package' - the word and works of Jesus.

Deere: Yes.

Banister: But you're not sure exactly what should be included?

Deere: No, not yet.

Banister: Would it be fair to say that you're in a state of flux since you joined the Wimber thing?

Deere: We're always in a state of flux

Banister: ...But on the gospel message? You couldn't go back into that pavilion and tell those people the gospel?

Deere: No, not yet.

Banister: ...When do you think you could do it?

Deere: Maybe five years, maybe ten.

(1990 interview of Jack Deere by Graham Banister, "John Wimber: Friend or Foe" see

Deere isn't even qualified to be a kindergarten Sunday-school teacher, yet he represents the theological head of Vineyard Ministries! He has accused Banister of misrepresenting him in this published interview, and it's no surprise that Deere has published a public rebuttal wherein he claims that the gospel is centered in the Cross. Yet, to justify his comments made to Banister, Deere claims the existence of another gospel distinct from the Cross, which he calls, "the gospel of the kingdom," wherein the miracle working is at issue. But surely it must have been clear to Deere that Banister was after his interpretation of the gospel, not some mystical "good news" that must yet be ascertained and evolved by the Church. You can see Deere's response at

It wasn't enough that tongues was said to serve as evidence of possessing gifts of the Spirit; now one must also perform miracles to prove possession of the Holy Spirit. This attitude is leading more acutely to what has already been proclaimed by the hysterical branch of charismata, the condemnation of any of us who do not participate in their spiritual manifestations. We are judgmental "hypocrites" because we speak against holy barking. We are Christians stuck in the mud of human tradition because we don't laugh uncontrollably when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. We are "stuffy conservatives" because we don't fall on the back of our skulls at the magic touch of God's "anointed" preachers. And so the stage has been set for a schism in Christianity, and the rip is well under way.

John Wimber, head of the Vineyard churches as of 1982, started his "Signs and Wonders" movement at about that time, en route to becoming one of the most influential charismatics of the late 20th century. While he objected to the term, "charismatic," to define his ministry, I don't see how one who stresses miracles and welcomes tongues could be classified otherwise. Ask the people at Wimber's church who made him famous when, in 1981, they began to fall to the floor and to speak in tongues, afterwhich there was no holding them back from things akin to the Toronto Blessing.

I suppose that we could say his signs and wonders program started in 1977, when for 10 months into 1978, pastor Wimber gave altar calls and prayed repeatedly for healing to occur to his people. One would think that after 10 months without one healing, Wimber would have caught on that God's answer was, "NO." But after 10 months, a first healing was claimed when a women was reportedly relieved of a fever. Soon after this "success," Christians in his church were found casting demons out of one another! I remember attending such a group claiming that burping, or even gas issuing out the other end, was evidence that demons were leaving the Christian!!

If one studies Wimber's early history and late beliefs, it can be seen that Vineyard began as a neo-Quaker movement with a neo-charismatic twist. He not only attended a Quaker school, but pastored in a Quaker church, until he was asked to leave due to his new-found charismatic tendencies. It is noteworthy to discover that a significant portion of Quakers believe in Universalism, the idea that all mankind will be saved, even those who die rejecting Jesus! This belief allows one to embrace ecumenism. After all, if everyone is going to be saved in the end, why not embrace all groups now in a global alliance, and through that partnership save man from the ills of mankind?


If you are a non-church-goer because of disillusionment from charismatic churches, don't give up on Jesus because of it. The two are not the same.

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of Jesus Christ is all about Him. It is a reminder that all men have rebelled against Holy God and all deserve His wrath. But the Lord Jesus has gone before us – the Law-giver became the Law-keeper on the account of the Law-breakers. He has surrendered His perfect life as an atonement for people of every nation, tribe, and tongue – all those whose names were written in the Lamb’s Books of Life before He founded the world. We have a surety that cannot be taken from us – there is, therefore, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

And since there is no other name on earth or in heaven by which man must be saved, all those who do not place their faith and trust in Him, who do not repent daily and seek to honor Him will suffer the just reward for the sin they carry in their flesh as children of Adam and the sin they commit in their bodies because they are slaves to it. There is a penalty to pay and if Christ has not paid your debt, you will suffer for eternity racking up a bill that will never be marked, “PAID IN FULL!” Therefore, believe on Jesus, repent and seek Him while is it yet today! source