"WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT IMITATE ANY Of THE HAND SIGNS THAT ARE PRESENTED IN THE ARTICLE. IT MAY BE HARMFUL TO YOU AND TO OTHERS AROUND YOU. Olivet Journal apologizes for the delayed WARNING. If you have imitated any of the signs already, it has been granted and declared that our Father cancel any of the harmful effect that might have caused to any one before this WARNING was published. Please pray to the Father for the cancellation of possible harmful effects by any accidental imitation of the hand signs in the future."


As it has been repeatedly recommended in Olivet Journal articles, the best way to spot false ministries is to find the signs of their affiliation to the Illuminati and Freemasonry, which can be accomplished by recognizing their unconditional praise and support for the current Zionist State of Israel, called the Zionism, the Kabbalah and Masonic symbolism in their logos and designs, and the occult hand signs they exhibit often.

In the first half of this article, we will learn the signs of false ministries and discuss the evidence of all ministries being false. And, you will also see and learn some evidence of “the church,” or the entire modern christianity*, being false as a whole. As a matter of fact, the christianity as we know of as a system and a religion is completely Masonic and has been created by the Zionist Illuminati, aka. “the seed of serpent.” Some strong evidence is presented here. (*In Olivet Journal articles, TRUE Christianity is spelled with a capital “C,” as Christianity; and FALSE christianity with a lower case “c,” as christianity)

In the last half of the article, we will focus on the “hand signs.” You will see a parade of photos (about 50 individuals) and screenshots of the teachers, preachers, and self-appointed prophets, throughout different orientations, exhibiting the identical hand signs that are known to be Illuminati and Freemasonry related. I am sure that you are familiar with many of the people you will see in the photos, and may find some of your favorite teachers.

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Three Sings of the False Ministry

So … let me summarize. The signs of false ministries can be condensed to the following three main points:

  1. Zionism – They unconditionally praise and support the State of Zionist Israel, showing Israeli flags, being friendly with Messianic Jewish ministries, being promoted by Zionist Illuminati TV/cable networks and programs, and teaching that the modern Jews are the sons of Abraham and the House of Judah (Part 6: Preparation of the Bride Chapter 1: Yeshua is Not a Jew).
  2. Kabbalah and Masonic symbols – They obsessively use them in the logo, Web site designs, and book and CD/DVD covers.
  3. Masonic-Illuminati hand signs – They exhibit distinctive Illuminati-Masonic hand signs as they pose for the book cover, magazine photos, and other publications, as well as conspicuously gesture and show them while publicly speaking, teaching, and preaching in public.

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