Monsanto Has Purchased “Climate Corporation” For Nearly A Billion Dollars, Why?


Monsanto purchased “The Climate Corporation” in 2013, why? Because those who are connected to the climate engineering insanity (and the decimation it is causing) need to control the flow of information in order to better capitalize from the ever increasing engineered disasters.

Smoking Gun Proof Of Atmospheric Spraying video


How do we know our skies are being sprayed? Because we have film footage of the crime, of jets spraying at altitude. This is the logical end of any argument or dispute on this issue. Climate engineering is not speculation, it is not theory, it is a verified fact confirmed by film footage.

UVB Radiation Is Off The Charts, Metering Proves This Fact


Does the sun feel hot on your face? It is. The UV radiation that we are all being exposed to is off the charts. It’s actually burning the bark off of trees on the sun exposed sides. This is happening in countless regions.

Record Cold In A Record Warm World

shimmering earth

The geoengineers are going for broke with the latest all out engineered cool-down of the US. Their Rothschild owned Weather Channel theater and its cast of actors are trumpeting the “freezing planet” headlines, but what is going on with the climate in the rest of the World?


Revelation 11:18

And the nations were enraged, and Your wrath came, and the time came for the dead to be judged, and the time to reward Your bond-servants the prophets and the saints and those who fear Your name, the small and the great, and to destroy those who destroy the earth.”

Uppenbarelseboken 11:18

Folken vredgades, och din vredes dag har kommit, tiden när de döda skall dömas och när du skall löna dina tjänare profeterna och de heliga och dem som fruktar ditt namn, små och stora, och då du skall fördärva dem som fördärvar jorden."