Earth Hour is a fraud - "Light Up" for Earth Hour

Earth Hour, a rolling grassroots movement aimed at tackling Global Warming (read that as the relabeled "
climate change") is getting a bunch of press coverage on having governments and individuals turn off their lights to show support for a reduction in greenhouse gasses.

Czech Leader: Global Warming Alarmists Are Like Communists 

President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus compares communist ideologues to global warming alarmists. "They are against individual freedom," states Klaus. "They are both very similar in telling us what to do, how to live, how to behave, what to eat." more

1958 - Global Warming - The Fraud Continues into 2012 

It seems odd, that after fifty years we are still talking about global warming. Maybe global warming is just a vehicle used by the elitists to further empower themselves."The Unchained Goddess". All the environmentalists refer to the earth goddess Gaia. "Gaia worship is at the very heart of the Global Green Agenda. more

Al Gore's Lies Exposed By Congress 

Al Gore: I Was Wrong About Global Warming

I made this video to help stop the carbon tax that's coming if we don't wake up to this scam. Al Gore was wrong about NAFTA, So why would we buy what he selling us On Global Warming... This is just another way for The Illuminati to Tax The People Of The Earth and control them.

Bloom exposes global warming scammers