This article will begin by examining some general concerns about the Harry Potter phenomena and then identify various occult themes in the books.

No one can dispute that J.K Rowling is a gifted and imaginative author. The Harry Potter books are well written, often humorous, and make interesting reading. However, it does seem that are some definite dark and occultic themes that consistently emerge within the books which do give cause for concern, especially when one considers that it is mostly children who are reading these books.

An Introduction Into the Occult?

One of the most general concerns about the books is that they tend to introduce children to the world of the occult. Defenders of the books, however, say that children are not going to turn to real Witchcraft, or other aspects of the occult, because of the books. But the truth is, even some occultists themselves recognize that some children are being led into the occult as a result of the current interest being promoted by fictional Witchcraft. BBC News reported:

"The Pagan Federation, which represents druids and witches, says it has been "swamped" with calls following teenage programmes featuring good witches. Speaking to BBC News Online the Pagan Federation's Steve Paine, the high priest of a coven, said the hit US drama Buffy and the highly successful Harry Potter books were popular amongst practising witches. "They are taken as fantasy entertainment. But they do encourage people to think about different forms of spirituality", he said. The Pagan Federation, which deals with about 100 enquiries a month from youngsters who want to become witches, does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to become a member." Most of the enquiries are from 14 to 18 year-olds, and are dealt with "reactively" by a specially-appointed youth officer, an Essex based schoolteacher." (BBC News Online, Buffy Draws Children to Witchcraft, Friday, 4 August, 2000,

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So the truth is, that Harry Potter (and popular fictional dramas like Buffy the Vampire Slayer) does lead some children into the occult. Should we be concerned that children are getting involved in the occult? Most Christians would certainly say "yes, there are great spiritual dangers", but even some of those in the occult community are honest enough to say that it is dangerous for children to dabble with powers they do not understand. For example, in an interview, respected Witchcraft author , Maxine Sanders, was asked: "Why were you concerned that your children were free not to adopt the Craft?" To which she replies:

"Because I don't think the Craft is for children. I really don't think that it is. I've had too many experiences now where even adults can be disturbed by dabbling in witchcraft." (Witches: An Encyclopaedia of Paganism and Magic, p. 139).

But despite the concerns of children being exposed to the occult, there are a number of web sites which promote Harry Potter, that have links to other web sites where children come into contact with real occultism of every description. Peter Smith, the general Read more...of Teachers and Lecturers had this to say: