The Bible in Genesis 6:4 states "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old men of renown."

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There are too many reports from verifiable sources indicating the existence of ancient giant remains to be dismissed so quickly and the fact that the Smithsonian has on record such discoveries made in the 19th century but is still unable to hand over or at least display the evidence which was logged into their own possession by their very own field agents - claiming such important scientific evidence has either been lost or destroyed - is a red flag that someone or some entity has engaged in seemingly nefarious actions in an attempt to re-bury our past and along with it the certainty that giants did in fact once roam the earth.

Fallen angels came to earth and using their own DNA and that of apes, fashioned man to enslave in order to mine gold the fallen angels or aliens needed on their planet. Out of this breeding came giants of whom God attempted to rid the earth, considering them an abomination, through the Great Flood. So say several investigators, archaeologists and theorists, using information not readily available to the public. Some of this information includes the discovery of gold mines and miles of terraces found in South Africa which date back thousands of years.

Anderson, Indiana lies 30 miles northeast of Indianapolis and has had in its history two claims to fame. Founded by Chief William Anderson of the Delaware tribe, a cross-breed Swedish and Delaware Indian, the town first became the natural gas capital of the world in the 1880s, then, a testing ground of car invention leading to it becoming a General Motors Town.

As a GM town, it flourished and so did its inhabitants until GM decided to take the jobs and factories elsewhere starting in the 1970s. Now, town fathers try every few years to reinvent the city by attracting small manufacturers. Its heyday seems to be well over with a falling population and the slow disintegration of the city.

Always proud of its Indian heritage, the town celebrates the Delaware Indian tribe who founded the city first known as Andersontown. However, most inhabitants still have no idea that long before Chief Anderson brought his tribe westward from Pennsylvania and Ohio, ancient giants inhabited the area. When told about a late 1800s newspaper article telling of the discovery of six giant skeletons in the burial mounds, Michaelene McWilliams, who has worked in the Mounds State Park for six years, said she had never heard such a story.

Were the skeletons the known Mound Builders who first settled the area, almost exactly where the Delaware would set up camp, or were they some other race of giants?

To this day, none of the tourists to the mounds, its docents or even the school children of Anderson, Indiana were taught about the giant skeletons or that the Smithsonian took the bones away, never to be displayed. During the time of the discovery, the Smithsonian was taking possession of nearly every giant skeleton found throughout the entire country, including the largest discovery of skeletons found in the Great Mound in Ohio.

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