"Each of you who watched this video should know the disgusting history of this island. As many people already wrote on here, Japanese Government does not admit their inhumane brutality. From late 1800's to the end of WW2, Japanese government forced Korean workers to work in Hashima mine. There were hundreds of workers and they were treated awfully. Nowadays, Japanese government have introduced this island to tourists as the good work place with high salary and cozy facilities. But, in fact, Korean forced workers could not received "high salary", they were treated as same as slaves. If they took a rest without permission, the guards came to him, and beat them cruelly until the workers say "I will work right away.". Moreover, the accommodation which Japanese government considers as the proud of their modern industrial history was a kind of prison to Korean workers. They were kept in the worst facility, and watched all the time by the Japanese guard. The guards beat and killed them for fun, and Korean workers could not resist because of the fear. I know that my writing is not good, but it is not "too" poor to understand, I guess. I just want many people to know about the FACT and REALITY of modern Japanese and dark history of this island."

Truth About Hashima - Video 

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