Counterfeit Water Baptisms are Spiritually Dangerous

The following are examples of counterfeit water baptisms:

  • If a Freemason or witch who posed as a "pastor" or elder baptized you (such as what happened to my husband and me in 1982) this is an occult baptism, disguised as a Christian baptism.
  • If like my husband and me, you were so desperate to be baptized by non-witches (or non-cultists or non-Catholics, etc.) you showed up at a church and were baptized by an elder you had never met and who had no idea of your Christian testimony or lack of one (nor you his), then you were not scripturally baptized. Water baptism is not just a water immersion ceremony. It truly matters who administers this church ordinance.

Why did our family show up at a friendly, but worldly church that baptized strangers based on nothing more than their verbal profession of the Christian faith? Because at the time we lacked discernment and did not know where else to go to be baptized considering the fact that our first baptism, conducted at "Plainville Baptist Church" a pseudo Baptist church that we later learned was run by a family of witches.

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