U-Turn - Fake MSM Virtual Storm

This post-video related to: "Hurricane Harvey (Steve?) 'Unprecedented' Flooding Geoengineered? Agenda 21 Dream Come True" 8-28-17

"A thing can be 'unprecedented' only once. After that one time, the 'precedent' has been set. After that happens, a thing can become 'normalized'. Super-floods wiping out geographical areas including major cities - seen it before haven't you - no surprise then next time, and the time after that, and the time after that. Happens all the time - climate change you know ...the Zio-A21 would-be world-redesigners will say.

Dams, reservoirs, levees, dikes, etc - water-control systems - can be allowed to flow, be restricted, be diverted all sorts of different ways, all the way down any particular system. "River-engineering" it is called. Constructed so as to allow the directing of any desired amount of water wherever the 'river-engineers' want it, or need it, to go. Flood location 'X' on demand? Pull a few levers, push a few buttons - presto - how much water you want.

MSM does the rest. 50" (or more) rain? ...6pm news coming right up."

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