My last post explained how the combination of Old and New Testaments are one continuous unveiling of the one eternal gospel of salvation.

Many people do not recognize this beautiful, seamless story of redemption in Scripture, but instead think there are two groups of “chosen people” and two plans of salvation. This is largely due to the false teachings of dispensationalism and zionism, which are taught in most American churches. Zionism is also furthered in the American secular media, and the media controlled by “the religious right.” (Please remember that “religious” does not equal “godly.” While the religious right has a form of godliness in taking certain moral stands that the Christian can agree with, in many ways it wanders from the true path of godliness laid out by Christ.) You can read a history of modern dispensationalism here, and an illuminating list of Scriptural problems with that system of thought here. Some good articles about modern “Christian” zionism can be read here. I encourage any reader who hasn’t researched these subjects thoroughly to read several sources.

During the Babylonian captivity that judged Israel’s apostasy, some of Israel’s religious leaders(rather than repenting) were schooled in Babylonian religion/witchcraft, mixing it with their already apostate “worship of God.” This demonic hybrid religion was eventually set forth in the Jewish Talmud. (Read a history of the Talmud here.) This extremely racist and evil theology was kept by some of the Pharisees, and its deviations from truth had already colored the perceptions of many Jews in Jesus’ day. It specifically taught Jewish supremacy and a hatred for Gentiles. Certain verses from the Torah were cherry-picked to give support to this understanding, while ignoring the fact that God had promised in the Torah to bless all nations from the beginning! (Gen. 22:18; Gal. 3:8) Perhaps this is why most of the Jews in Jesus’ day–even those who repented and followed Him–did not understand the Old Testament prophecies of Christ as a suffering King who would save all nations, but instead expected Him to be a military hero for Jews against Gentiles.

Those errant teachings have survived to this very day, and they continue to war against the truth! The Pharisees believed their lineage to Abraham secured them as “the chosen” despite their wickedness, but John the Baptist, Jesus, Paul and others corrected their brand of “once saved always saved” error. Most importantly, the New Testament records their corrections! Yet the error persists today in dispensationalism and zionism, an evil mixture of doctrines that insists there are two peoples of God, two salvation plans, etc., as if the Lamb of God hasn’t been slain and forever established His “one new man” Church/City/Holy Nation of Jews and Gentiles united by faith.

-The dispensational/zionistic model is not a small problem, or a minor discrepancy of doctrine that doesn’t matter in the long run. While a person can be saved while believing all or some portion of this lie, the lie itself is a HUGE problem, and a HUGE blight on Christianity with global consequences. In effect, it transforms what the world sees as the “Christian Church” into a debacle that resembles the marauding crusaders of the past! While Christians don’t physically march to “the holy land” with a sword in hand, their blind support of this secular nation, and their financial aid in robbing Palestinians of their homes and livelihoods accomplishes much the same thing. And while they condemn Islam for being a bloody religion, they themselves are being used to perpetuate and excuse the shedding of more blood. All this in the name of Christ!

-Woe unto them that call evil good by insisting that we bless what God Himself will not bless!!

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