I would like to talk to you today about the Roman Catholic charismatic movement, and how Satan has used, and still uses, that movement to enter the Christian churches. I want to tell you first of all that I certainly believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and I find it utterly ridiculous for a person to even think that the “gifts of the Spirit” have ceased in our modern day. Remember this next statement that I am about to make here.

The Catholic Charismatic movement or renewal or whatever other tag you may want to use, is still one hundred percent Roman Catholic to it’s very core.

You need to know that because the modern day compromising “well known” Pastor is not going to tell you that. The compromising “well known” Pastor has already been swallowed up by the times, and with the wonderful “business perks” that come with “going along with the flow” of the muddy waters of the false unity movement. The adulation and praise, which they receive from their fellow compromisers is enough to keep them going from year to year, and they thrive on it all. They are not about to give up their pulpit, or face the guaranteed persecution which would definitely come from their “religious” peers, if they speak out against such things. Many people in their congregations can barely survive from paycheck to paycheck, yet the compromisers have no problem taking their money every week, while they go on their regular vacations, and return to their fancy expensive homes. Their yearly expense accounts rival the yearly salaries of many people in their churches. The compromisers have learned through experience, that most  of the people in their congregation will never  mention, or question, anything regarding Charismatic catholics, (and other cults) for fear of being tossed outside the “church.” In fact they will often frown upon those who speak out against that deceitful movement, and they hope that nobody else will raise their voice against them anymore. That type of thinking has the footprint of Satan on it, and the so called “watchmen” in the Christian churches have been silenced by their so called “anointed” leaders. It is almost as if they have been completely seduced, and have become “watchmen for the Devil” because they are truly protecting the “doctrines of devils”  (1 Timothy 4:1) that the Bible warned us about!

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