"44 år efter den första historiska Lausannekonferensen har Lausannerörelsen offentliggjort planerna på en ny "nyckelkonferens i Europa"."

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The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization (LCWE), known popularly as the Lausanne Movement, is a global evangelical Movement that emerged as a part of the International Congress on World Evangelization in 1974. This event was attended by about 2,700 delegates from over 150 countries in Lausanne. Organized by Billy Graham and John Stott, the Lausanne Movement is responsible for several strategic global consultations including the 1974 event in Lausanne, as well as major events in Manila (1989) and in Cape Town, South Africa (2010).

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Lausanne-kommittén för världsevangelisering (LCWE), som är populär som Lausanne-rörelsen, är en global evangelisk rörelse som framträdde som en del av den internationella kongressen om världsevangelisering 1974. Denna händelse deltogs av cirka 2 700 delegater från över 150 länder i Lausanne. Organiserad av Billy Graham och John Stott, är Lausanne Movement ansvarig för flera strategiska globala samråd, inklusive händelsen 1974 i Lausanne, samt större evenemang i Manila (1989) och i Kapstaden, Sydafrika (2010).


Lausanne is a heretical movement

Cape Town 2010 provided a vivid picture of ecumenical confusion. It showed that the ever closer unity of evangelicals with every other brand of ‘Christianity,’ no matter how unbiblical, no matter how compromised, is gathering momentum. We saw how the Alpha Course, which openly works with the Roman Catholic Church, was given a platform to promote its ecumenical agenda. Nicky Gumbel made an impassioned plea for Protestants and Catholics to stop fighting each other, for ‘what unites us is infinitely greater than what divides us.’

There is no doubt that the Lausanne leadership is comfortable with the liberal ideology of the World Council of Churches, the excesses of the charismatic movement, the ecumenical and deficient ‘gospel’ of the Alpha Course, the false teachings of Roman Catholicism, and the new ideas and methods of the emerging church. The evidence in this book demonstrates that Lausanne has turned its back on the doctrines of the Reformation.


"Social Justice and Liberation Theology must be driven by “victims” of the system it is engaged to change. Therefore, last month Evangelicals experienced a massive guilt-driven Racial /White Guilt frenzy at The Gospel Coalition MLK/50 Conference in Memphis. Then an activist-driven “MeToo” narrative, making an issue of false allegations against SBC Conservative icon, Paige Patterson, has continued for the last two weeks. Now, just in time for Gay Pride Month, we see the same Cultural Marxist talking points reaching a new high (or low depending on one’s perspective) with Revoice."

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(`The Lady Of All Nations´)


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