By Jim Allen

 Not too long ago I learned about a new question circulating in the evangelical circle asking "Who is your covering?" Soon thereafter the full meaning of that question became apparent. In the church I attended, its leaders announced they were adopting the Under Cover teaching by John Bevere. The central theme for the teaching is God guarantees protection for believers who submit to pastoral authority. On the flipside of the theme, failure to submit to the pastor places believers outside God's protection, removing the protective hand of God. In other words, a believer who does not submit to and obey the pastor falls out from under the protective covering of God and that of the church. After researching the teaching, I found it to be pure heresy.

  Mike Ross, having also researched John Bevere's book entitled Under Cover said, "Bevere advocates a belief system that is biblically and theologically abusive. His 'talking points' originate from what he believes God is telling him personally, which he then supports with Bible verses taken out of context. Of course, if you subscribe to this absurd teaching method you do not have the right to question Bevere's claims because, after all, he is a 'spiritual authority.' The Under Cover teaching undermines the true gospel and breeds spiritual infancy because it forces believers to depend on an 'authority figure' to show the way. In other words, Bevere is saying you need a pastor who is more popular with God than you, to be your heavenly arbitrator. In reality, the book authored by John Bevere in its contemptible framework is nothing more than an under cover manual for abuse, manipulation and heresy."

-The pastor, like everyone else, stands on level ground at the foot of the cross with "no authority" over any believer.

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Här kan du höra Joakim Lundqvist upphöja John Bevere


Vill du bli räddad till himlen? Lyd då Bibelns Ord och inte falska predikanter som t.ex. John Bevere och Joakim Lundqvist på Livets Ord:

2 Kor. 6:17 Alltså: "Gå ut ifrån dem och skilj er ifrån dem, säger Herren; kom inte vid det orent är. Då skall jag ta emot er.

1 Kor. 3:17 Om nu någon fördärvar Guds tempel, så skall Gud fördärva honom; ty Guds tempel är heligt, och det templet är ni.

Acts. 20:27-30 Beware false teachers and their unclean 'meat'! They will compromise the truth in order to gain a following for themselves.

1 Tim 5:20 Those [elders] who sin are to be rebuked publicly, so that the others may take warning.