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Magnus Olsson: Nano-Brain-Implant Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

Magnus Olsson is blowing our mind away in the speech he held in Stockholm, Sweden, in September 2012. Seven years ago, Magnus became a victim of non-consensual experimentation after having visited a hospital.

He was sedated and when he woke up; he couldn’t recognize himself. His personality had changed.

On his own homepage ( he explains some years ago:
“For me, there was a day in life when everything changed. I went from a life as a citizen in a demo map indicative country into a world where violence and torture was the norm. It was not a journey across continents, but in life circumstances. It also included a science fiction drama that completely shattered my life. My name is Magnus Olsson; I am 38 years old, studied economics at the Cesar Ritz in Switzerland, American University of Paris and Harvard, Boston, USA, during the years 1988-1991. 1994 I started the company Jon Sandman who became a well-known brand in the bedding industry.

I managed with my life and had also met a wonderful woman whom I had two children with. They are now 13 to 16 years old. But all this harmony and success came to a sudden end. It happened five and a half years ago. After that, life has been about a constant struggle for survival. In order to cope with but also to be able to tell what has happened to me and get out of the nightmare.”

Magnus Olsson used to be a very successful businessman. Not only is Magnus highly educated, but he also had a very successful career: as an entrepreneur, stockbroker and businessman.

A visit in the hospital was all it was necessary to gradually take everything away; almost overnight. Read more and watch the second video!

(In the end of the video a man talk about meditation and healing which is not of God of course but of Satan...but this article is an information of brain chip-implantation)


Magnus Olsson är inte det enda offret för denna ytterst kriminella sinnessjuka behandling. Offren är många i Sverige och utomlands!

Förmodligen syftar denna "forskning" ytterst till det implantat som ska chippa alla de människor som Uppenbarelseboken kap. 13 och 14 talar om.


Illuminati goal 4. The establishment of thought-control techniques with the goal of creating human robots who respond to external impulses and direction.


Smart Dust: Real-time Tracking Of Everything, Everywhere

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Människosonens återkomst

29 Strax efter de dagarnas nöd skall solen förmörkas och månen inte ge sitt sken. Stjärnorna skall falla från himlen, och himlens krafter skall skakas. 30 Då skall Människosonens tecken synas på himlen, och jordens alla folk skall jämra sig, när de ser Människosonen komma på himlens moln med stor makt och härlighet. 31 Med starkt basunljud skall han sända ut sina änglar, och de skall samla hans utvalda från de fyra väderstrecken, från himlens ena ända till den andra.