Part Mother Theresa/Part Nelson Mandela - Malala Yousafzai fills an icon vacuum. Teacher called her out of high school Chemistry class to inform her she had won the Nobel Prize. Oy vey! She joins such peacemakers as Barack Obama and Henry Kissinger.

Malala is another Illuminati Psy Op

"Educating girls will change the world," Malala,17, told the UN in July 2013. "Change" is satanist code for social & cultural degradation. "Peace" is code for total submission to Illuminati world tyranny.)

Malala has the hallmarks of an Illuminati psy op: The mass media rush as one to sanctify her; Illuminati whores, politicians and celebrities alike, endorse her. Canada offers honorary citizenship. The article below by Zahar Bangash outlines the Illuminati connection to Malala and confirms once again we live in a de facto Communist regime.

Malala is a champion of education for girls. "Education" today is gendercide (feminism.) The Illuminati use this toxin to
destroy traditional societies and reduce population by alienating women from their natural instincts, i.e. marriage and motherhood.

Who says learning only takes place in a classroom, and not in a home where the Illuminati can't control the message?

Liberal (i.e. Masonic) education has degraded Western society and
created many generations of lost souls.

As usual, the Illuminati "do well by doing good."
Malala's father owns a chain of private schools and huge UK/US education corporations are vying for a share of the "Malala Fund" cash grab.

Anyone who watches the Malala hagiography that passes for TV news can confirm that Western society is run by hypocritical, sanctimonious, shameless intellectual whores and liars.

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