“Brain-Chip” Implant in the brain of Magnus Olsson

Magnus Olsson

A successful businessman visits the nearest hospital after an anxiety attack. He is sedated and wakes up as a different person. His life is starting to change. The voice coming from nowhere can tell him what time it is: the correct time.

The mental and psychological torture and control starts to take place. On one hand, they are telling him awful things, like “You are never going to wake up” when going to bed every evening or “We are dissapointed that you woke up” every time he was waking up in the morning. On the other side, they can manipulate his feelings and perceptions, and create the most positive feelings.

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Another reason for why this issue dealing with brain implants is important of course is the fact that both the US and the EU pour billions of dollars and euros in brain research every single year, a brain research very focused on not only understanding the brain, but also highly focused on merging human beings with machines; using neuro-implants to correct behavior and enhance intelligence; creating robots and other machines that think and make autonomous intelligent decisions — just like humans do. Läs mer


Det finns inget dolt som inte ska uppenbaras, och inget gömt som inte ska bli känt och komma i dagen. Lukas 8:17

Och så skall över er komma allt rättfärdigt blod som är utgjutet på jorden, ända ifrån den rättfärdige Abels blod intill Sakarias', Barakias' sons blod, hans som ni dräpten mellan templet och altaret. Matteus 23:35

Min är hämnden och vedergällningen, sparad till den tid då deras fot skall vackla. Ty nära är deras olyckas dag, det som väntar dem kommer med hast.  5 Mosebok 32:35