If this doesn't convince you that the Catholic church is closing in on us, nothing will. For the next few days, MorningStar Ministries is opening the curtain for Act 1 of their ecumenical show. This particular priest is known for his gift of healing and has had training for exorcism in Rome. He was guided by Fr. Gabriele Amorth, chief-exorcist of Rome, who stands directly under the Pope.[1]

Fr. Marc van Rossem is from the Netherlands.

Father Marc said in his bio:

"I also believe I will see the entire church of Christ become fully one."
I'm sure most of the people at MorningStar won't even bat an eye at that comment. They've all been properly indoctrinated to believe that is a positive thing. But for the rest of us, we have a real problem with that!

The Biblical Barrier
For those of you just stopping in for the first time, Bible separation is the practice of separating yourself from sin and error unto truth and righteousness. [2] We are called to separation as Christians, and to create a barrier between you and the coming ecumenical, New Age mish-mash. There are several Scriptures that support this.


Ef. 5:11 Och haven ingen delaktighet i mörkrets gärningar, som icke giva någon frukt, utan avslöjen dem fastmer.