This compilation of video clips from the documentary video "Global Warming or Global Governance?" discusses why many scientists, journalists, and politicians of the political establishment have an agenda of perpetuating the idea of current global warming being extreme and caused by man's activities, despite much surprising evidence to the contrary— largely due to common ulterior motives of offering solutions which actually impose deceptive and dangerous globalist agendas.

Currently over $4 billion is being spent annually on global warming research, and the issue has turned into a cottage industry with a large cadre of scientists on "soft money"— meanting they would often cease to recieve funding if they do not somehow show a global warming connection to carbon dioxide emissions through their research.
Scientists who deny man caused warming are frequently accused of taking money from the energy industry, but very often the opposite is true. Many energy companies exert heavy political pressure for allocating increasingly large amounts of money to the global warming issue and for passing economically damaging legislation, and often such companies individually receive billions of dollars from that legislation.

Global warming issues are being used by powerful political organizations to help form a centralized world government, by setting precedents for international control and regulation which are shown to actually have little or nothing to do with global warming, such as the Kyoto Protocol. The video clip shows many examples of political elites having deceptive agendas of dissolving the sovereignty of nations including the United States, through setting up treaties which erode personal freedoms, national security, and land ownership among many other rights.

The media and political groups such as the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ) commonly distort issues concerning global warming by continually stating that it is a "settled science" and there is no longer any reason to debate, even though it is shown that a large proportion of climate scientists are doubtful of man's role in global warming and do not believe that the science is sound enough for formulating policy decisions.
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Naturligtvis propagerade den "elitstyrda" Sveriges Radio i morse för faran av den höga koloxidhalten i världen.
Of course, propagated the "globalist" Swedish Radio this morning for the danger of the high carbon monoxide levels in the world.

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