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Multiculturalism and the Ruling Elite

by Daniel Brandt

Opportunity is rapidly vanishing, poorly masked by an institutionalized preference for diversity. Leftist academics in ivory towers are hooked on designer victimology but fail to notice the real victims -- the entire next generation. Meanwhile the rich get richer. Have a nice New World Order.

Anyone who follows today's academic debates on multiculturalism, and by happenstance is also familiar with the power-structure research that engaged students in the sixties and early seventies, is struck by that old truism: the only thing history teaches us is that no one learns from history. By now it's even embarrassing, perhaps because of our soundbite culture. Not only must each generation painstakingly relearn, by trial and error, everything learned by the previous generation, but it's beginning to appear that we have to relearn ourselves that which we knew a scant twenty years earlier. The debate over diversity is one example of this.

Researchers in the sixties discovered that the ruling elites of the West mastered the techniques of multiculturalism at the onset of the Cold War, and employed them time and again to counter the perceived threat from communism. The Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) was funded first by the CIA and then, after this was exposed in 1967, by the Ford Foundation. CCF created magazines, published books, and conducted conferences throughout the world, in an effort to wean intellectuals to democratic liberalism.[1]

The CIA was also busy in Africa. In an article titled "The CIA as an Equal Opportunity Employer" that first appeared in 1969 in Ramparts and was reprinted in the Black Panther newspaper and elsewhere, members from the Africa Research Group presented convincing evidence that "the CIA has promoted black cultural nationalism to reinforce neo-colonialism in Africa." In their introduction they added that "activists in the black colony within the United States can easily see the relevance to their own situation; in many cases the same techniques and occasionally the same individuals are used to control the political implications of Afro-American culture."[2]

But this is lost history, found today only on dusty library shelves or buried in obscure databases. None of it is mentioned in the current debate over diversity, not even in one of the most lucid essays, an opinion piece by David Rieff that appeared in a recent Harper's.[3] Rieff paints a picture of multiculturalism and shows, in broad strokes, how multiculturalism serves capitalism. To appreciate the significance of multiculturalism we must, as Rieff does, look at the academic arguments from someplace in the real world, or at least from off campus. But we must also be aware of our own historical legacy: psychological warfare and the secret state, the mass media and the culture of spectacle, the role of foundations, and above all, the interests and techniques of the elite globalists who won the Cold War.

From the time that this war began in 1947, the Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller Foundations, in cooperation with the CIA, began funding programs at major U.S. universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Columbia. They began with an emphasis on Russian studies, but by the mid-1960s these three foundations and the CIA had a near-monopoly on all international studies in the U.S.[4] This phenomenon, a big-money, top-down affair born out of strategic considerations, is the precursor of today's academic multiculturalism.

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Multiculturalism As A Tool To Divide And Conquer

by Louis Beam

-"Almost certainly we are moving into an age of totalitarian dictatorships. An age in which freedom of thought will be at first a deadly sin and later on a meaningless abstraction."

-Multiculturalism, like drugs, is an insidious weapon. Both destroy the heart and fabric of a people. All ties to family, community, and one's people as a whole are destroyed by these two opiates of the human mind. Both are sponsored from the top down by one world elitists bent upon creating a world order who's power is such that its subjects posses no potential for resistance.

- In sum: multiculturalism is another program designed to create the subjects of a Police State Without Borders. When coupled with the "war on drugs" and "war on terrorism," Orwell's world of endless war is realized. It would be their world, their orders, and nothing new, for a lust for despotism is as old as mankind himself.

-America, Canada, and most of Europe are ruled by politicians about whom the best that can be said is that they are men of ill repute, each out to loot the state


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Därför hängs Julia Caesar ut av sionistmedia

I Sverige råder inte något som kan kallas åsiktsfrihet om inte åsikterna stämmer överens med den politisk korrekta agendan som handlar om att skapa en ny världsordning i vilken en liten elit bestående av en grupp som genom att kalla sig “judar” utan att vara några judar (de är en Satans synagoga) har lyckats med att lägga hela världsekonomin inklusive de olika samhällsinstitutionerna/sektorerna under sig med hjälp av list och bedrägeri.

Inte minst massmedia som vi blev påminda om här om dagen när sionistmedierna valde att hänga ut ännu en politiskt inkorrekt kritiker av den förda politiken (Julia Caesar) som syftar till att leda landet mot avgrunden.

Att kritisera politiker vars uppgift är att tjäna folket och landet om de inte tjänar folket och landet utan istället tjänar andra folk och andra länder är ett sundhetstecken i vilket normalt land som helst men då en främmande makt (den sionistjudiska makten) så totalt har lyckats indoktrinera majoriteten av den svenska befolkningen genom kulturmarxism och genom att göra Sverige till ett experimentland under de senaste decennierna så har kritik mot det som borde vara rätt (fullt normalt) att kritisera klassats som sjukdom.

The causes of mass migration are still cleverly concealed by the system, and portrayed as inevitable by multicultural propaganda. ... What they want to present as an inevitable and spontaneous phenomenon is actually a deliberate longterm plan to destroy the face of the continent.

-European integration would be the first step in creating a world government. 

-In his book «Praktischer Idealismus», Kalergi indicates that the residents of the future "United States of Europe" will not be the People of the Old Continent, but products of miscegenation. He clearly states that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians and colored races, thus creating a multinational flock with no quality and easily controlled by the ruling elite.

-former director of the World Health Organization (OMS), said: "What people in all places have to do is to limit of birthrates and promote mixed marriages (between different races), this aims to create a single race in a world which will be directed by a central authority."


1 Thess. 2:14-16 For ye, brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judaea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews: Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men: 16 Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost.