The Devil Deceives With Near Death Experiences

A near death experience is a popular and effective way the devil has been deceiving people about the afterlife. In the 1990s a poll revealed 774 near death experiences occurred daily in the United States. Near Death experiences are not Biblical In 1992 it was estimated that 13 million Americans (or 5% of the total population) had a near death experience. This is phenomenally high.

Read Some Very Dangerous Near Death Experiences

near death experiences

Since various people define a near death experience differently, let's begin with a definition. A near death experience here is an experience that people might have after their heart stops beating and from their perspective, they leave their own physical body and sometimes observe it. Some people report, when having their out of the body experience (OBE), that they go through a tunnel and see a bright light at the end. (In this message, a near death experience does not refer to an almost fatal accident, such as a car wreck, where some could have been killed but weren't, as defined by a few.)

The Spiritual Effects of
Near Death Experiences on People

Below are various claims people have had or experienced after being clinically dead. Most are unbiblical and, therefore, spiritually dangerous:

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