POPE Francis Warns ANY "Personal Relationship with Jesus is Dangerous"

Christians are not made in a laboratory, but in a community called the church, Pope Francis said.

At his weekly general audience Wednesday, Pope Francis continued his series of audience talks about the church, telling an estimated 33,000 people that there is no such thing as "do-it-yourself" Christians or "free agents" when it comes to faith. and here

Vatican offers 'time off purgatory' to followers of Pope Francis tweets


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Joyce Meyer: "Your Thoughts Are Powerful"

Look at that outfit, it has a very strong witchy look to it. The 5-part flower, [think Lutheran logo] also has meaning!

This is one of the biggest lies out there, that our thoughts are powerful. Witches believe directing their thoughts can do "magic". In fact one part of spell-casting is to train your thoughts for visualization and for focusing. So when she tells her audience [9:59], "learn to think power thoughts", it is very creepy. When she adds that she wants people to have a sit down session and "think thoughts on purpose" and "speak them out right", that is "law of attraction" 101 which the New Agers love.  Of course I have written before about how these false ideas have moved into the Christian churches.
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Apparently there are people being stirred by the contents of this book, Predators in Our Pulpits.


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Official Kidnapped For Christ Trailer   VIDEO

I believe a lot of these schools are fronts for mind control projects and studies on breaking people's wills especially those of young people. Many of the schools focus on blind obedience to authority. One thing, some of them charge parents 40,000 a year or more while giving their teen, little food and a lifestyle and educational quality far far below that amount. Christians should be against all evil and that includes organizations that claim to be Christian. 

Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim: Newborn Daughter Is Disabled After Prison Childbirth In Shackles

Army officer: Obama's DHS intends to kill "you and me!"


rchitect of Apartheid in Israel: “If we don’t kill, we will cease to exist” VIDEO

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When people ignore God's truth, they soon drift back to capricious powers of the occult.