Warning to American Christians and Christians worldwide

This is a warning of maybe the greatest magnitude to all Christians but especially those who reside in the United States.

We have discovered a very stealthy “movement” taking place for a very long time (hundreds of years) that the mainstream media, 99.9% of American Christian churches, the money making "Christian discernment ministries”, the Christian Research Institute and other American “para-church” organizations (Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, etc.) will not cover.

Either these organizations know about this “movement” and are keeping silent, or they are completely ignorant of it. We don’t know.

Privately, we asked a nationwide Christian radio talk-show host if he had ever heard of this "movement," and he said 'no'.

This “movement” has slowly crept in over time and is now making great progress within the US Government and the United Nations.

This “movement” is a slice out of a much larger group that many in the larger group may be unaware of. Most people in the United States have zero knowledge of this "movement" that is taking root in the “global government” arena.

This “movement” is actually causing people within the various American Christian churches claiming Jesus as Messiah, to turn away from that faith to believe they are eternally saved by the seducing spirit behind this "movement".

This "movement" is actually another "another Gospel" that doesn't come from the Old Testament and New Testament Bible, but the Talmud.

This “movement” is known as the Noahide or Noachite Laws movement.

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2 Chron. 19:2 - ". . . shouldest thou help the ungodly? and love them that hate the Lord; therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord."