This site is dedicated to bringing awareness
to the public about Morgellons Disease, an emerging illness.

Abe Lincoln with MorgellonsMorgellons disease has remained a medical mystery. A systemic illness, symptoms include biting, itching, stinging and crawling sensations that feel like insects moving on or under the skin. This may be accompanied by slow or non-healing sores, rashes and lesions. Additional symptoms are black particles, sand colored granules and other artifacts that are pushed out from the skin, debilitating fatigue, mental confusion, brain-fog, neurological involvement, possible muscle and joint pain, plus fibers or filaments that emerge from the skin. These fibers are the defining symptom of Morgellons which separates it from all other diseases.

Physicians tend to write off the fibers as 'lint' and finding no bugs, label their patients with 'Delusions of Parasitosis.' This diagnosis is often determined without proper examination of the skin using assistive optical devices. Fibers are often microscopic and not readily seen with the naked eye. If doctors would use dermascopes (with magnification from 60-200x), they would see there is indeed a problem going on in the skin of Morgellons patients (see Physicians Reference Guide). If one looks closely, these fibers can be seen below the surface of unscarred tissue.

Morgellons fiberThis misdiagnosis causes patients undue emotional stress and unfairly brands them with a mental illness. Sufferers are hopelessly abandoned by the very medical community they have turned to seeking answers and relief. Instead, they forge ahead, left to fend for themselves as they battle increasingly debilitating symptoms of a disease they know is real.

With this site, I hope to bring awareness to the public and physicians about the phenomena that is taking place. Please see the photo galleries which show these filaments which up till now have been dismissed as 'textile' in nature, as they appear throughout the body's system—in skin, urine, stool, blood, semen and hair—clearly demonstrating the systemic nature of the disease. Not only are the fibers in our bodies, but they show up in our environment, in our drinking water and dust (see comparison page).

Nutritional tests used in Functional Medicine are revealing a host of underlying metabolic problems in the bodies of Morgellons sufferers—yeast, fungal and bacterial overgrowth, stressed adrenals, oxidative stress, blocked detox pathways and malabsorption of nutrients as well as "non-human parasite, taxonomy unknown" and "unknown fungus." These are but a few of the issues this community is up against. Fry labs has identified a previously unknown protozoa that they feel may be involved with Morgellons as well as other chronic infections. Recent research has found borrelia (associated with Lyme disease) in all the lesions studied from Morgellons sufferers.

We ask that people open their minds to the times we are living in. Never before in the history of mankind have we been faced with such an assault to our bodies and the world we live in. Between exposure to heavy metals, chemtrails, genetic engineering (GMOs) both in the environment and in foods, degradation of our food, water and air supply, environment disasters (oil spills, nuclear energy) and climate change, it is no wonder that so many are becoming ill. Indeed, Morgellons is considered by many to be a hypertoxicity syndrome.

Those who are currently sick with Morgellons are urged to be proactive with your health. Download the handy pH chart and Hidden GMO ingredients list on the Diet and pH page. T
ake them with you when you shop. On that same page read some of the ways to boost your health through nutrition, an essential part of treating Morgellons. Print out and share the Awareness Poster, and if you see a doctor, direct them to take a look at the photo galleries.

If you suspect you may have Morgellons but are not sure, an inexpensive hand-held microscope can reveal if you have fibers in your skin. Do not expect your doctor to give you a diagnosis.

Morgellons artifacts compilation
Above: Some of the artifacts shed from the body


Many people have contacted me asking if I know of physicians that can help. I do not keep any practitioner lists. In our culture we've been taught to hold medical doctors in the highest regard and with some health crises they are the absolute way to go, but understand that the current medical community (insurance based, HMOs) seeks to relieve symptoms rather than address the causitive factors underlying health issues and therefore may not be the best route to take with Morgellons.

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I have just discovered this "sickness" on my own body - fluorescent fibers which came out from my skin.

But I think many have Morgellons "disease" as we all live exposed to the poison the devil/Satan and his followers are spreading