Believing Christians are always a little minority. Governments and military powers of this world do not take notice about what we say. Why then shall we discuss about the war against the terrorism?

The war, in which we are involved, is of another kind. We have entirely another armour. And our enemy is more dangerous than terrorists. Our enemy is not only far in another part of the world. The enemy is also in our own country.
Most Christians are spiritual sleeping and blinded. They do not know, and do not understand that the spiritual powers of evil are working right into their own churches. While many Christians are busy with discussion about the war against terrorists, the enemy seduces Christians in their own country.
These spiritual forces of evil are more insidious and impudent than many Christians think. They try to use people's weakness and lack of knowledge and induce them to act against God's word. They can darken the people's spiritual view and capacity for thinking and induce them to use incorrect names for things. It is usually that people are "totally blind" in certain references so that they do not see what that is written in the Bible. Many are entangled in church traditions and ideas which they think are better than God's word.
Most Christians are bound to churches and communions. They are seduced of church traditions and false doctrines, which say that churches and communions are assemblies of God. When someone accept Jesus as his Saviour he gets no teaching about the Assembly of God. The preachers do quite contrary to God's word. Instead of teaching the new saved about the Assembly of God, they are eager to get them as members in their own communion, their own church. Gal. 4:17.
When someone believes in Jesus and is saved and baptized, then he becomes enlisted as a member. Nevertheless, he gets no information in what he is a member. What is the communion, what is the Pentecostal Movement, what is the church? This they keep silent.
The Bible says nothing about that a Christian must 'go to church'. Why must we be members in anything that we do not know what it is? It is an essential difference between an organized church system, and a living organism. 1 Cor. 12:12.
Those who claim that they have a call of God to preach his word, and appear as preachers, bible teachers and overseers, of such people we have right to demand that they shall know what the Assembly of God is. They shall not go in leading-strings of the churches or communions. They shall preach and teach about the Assembly of God. They shall tell what churches and communions are and help people to be free from there. This is revival, the release of Christians from all churches and communions, so that the Assembly of God becomes re-established and is ready to meet Jesus when he comes.
The preachers have neglected this totally. They do not preach the truth of the Assembly of God. With a lukewarm preaching without saltness the members are spiritual to sleep, and they get no knowledge of the Assembly of God. They live in a fantasy world and do not know what their church is. Their membership cards and member list have nothing to do with the Assembly of God. They have meetings and song and music, hobby and pleasant party. They are members in the church and do not need worry.

Since the people of the world do not want to humble them before God, and are not willing to receive God's grace to salvation, God first must judge the world before he can create peace on the earth.