Leading pre-tribulationists admit that the Bible does not straight-forwardly proclaim a coming of Jesus prior to the tribulation period, for which reason they will, in a spirit of contention, suggest that the post-trib' rapture position is on an equally-absent Biblical foundation.

But no straight-forward scripture is required to support post-tribulationism because the rapture is well-documented to occur at the coming of Jesus, while the coming of Jesus, whenever its timing can be ascertained, is always after the tribulation period. Who can deny that Jesus comes at Armageddon, and that Armageddon is after the tribulation period? No one dares to oppose these two, well-documented facts.

This, therefore, is all the proof that post-tribulationists require, and it places the onus on the pre-tribulationist to prove that Jesus comes before the tribulation. Until the pre-tribber can do that, he has no business telling you that there will, as a fact, be a pre-trib' rapture, or that the post-trib' rapture is on shaky ground. Let me put it this way, the post-trib rapture is on shaky ground only if the pre-tribber can prove a pre-trib Coming, but as the pre-tribber admits that there is no clear-cut scripture to support a pre-trib coming, the consequence is a rapture occurring at the only other Coming known to Scripture.

In order to derive pre-tribulationism, we must force the interpretations of certain scriptures in ways not readily apparent. It's very much like making out an object in a dense fog where, if one strains the eyes hard enough, something can be seen that isn't really there. Or, the teachings are like glasses providing new perspectives on the most basic post-tribulation scriptures, and, like magnifying glasses, they can turn some texts on their heads so that they appear to support a pre-tribulation rapture instead.

Larger portions of associated scriptures are tainted by the initial abstractions, wherefore there are repercussions, especially in the way Christians will one day approach the end times. I wouldn't be so inclined to making highly-oppositional statements if it were otherwise. I now make them confidently because it has come to my attention that pre-tribulationism was born within a small body of Latter-Rain, Zionist charismatics engaging in false prophecies, whose registered leader (Henry Drummond, banker) was in turn connected by certain Christian-Zionist groups to the world-rulership program of the Rothschilds...who have for three centuries been intent on procuring Zionism and the related counterfeit Millennium. Zionism has become a good word in Christendom thanks to pre-tribbers, but has anyone ever told you that Zionism is based on Satanic men no better than the Pharisees?

Something to consider, isn't it, before you give your support to modern Israel, the same Israel that God is very angry toward? You probably feel (as I do) that God opposes the Muslims who oppose Israel, and yet you may not realize that God is empowering the Muslims to destroy Israel. That's unusual passion, my friends, that God would use even His enemies to destroy His Promised Land.

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Do not listen to false teachers like Hal Lindsey!

False Teachers In America

12. Hal Lindsey, the self-proclaimed "Father of the Modern Day False Prophecy Movement," popularized the false eschatology doctrines of most dispensationalists. His books have influenced thousands of preachers, teachers and laymen leading them astray in the subject of eschatology. Hal has also joined the charispentecostal and ecumenical movements, and has been a leader in coercing believers into supporting a false religion (Babylonian Talmudic Judaism), and a nation (Israel) that oppresses nearly half of its citizens (Palestinians). Like most men who have acquired great wealth, prestige and influence he has spent a good deal of time chasing women. His third wife and church gave him the boot for his sexcapades.  For detailed proof of his false prophecies and teachings go to -- haLUNACY 

Many of the religious CEOs in America are NOT born from above.  They are servants of the devil!read more

Be ready to refuse the Mark of the Beast!

Be a witness to Jesus during the tribulation!

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