Here is Matthew 25:30 as it is found in the King James version of the Bible, and the words below were spoken by Jesus Christ himself:


This is what Pastor Charles Stanley (Atlanta, GA) wrote regarding Matthew 25:30 from his "Eternal Security" book.

"The final verse of this parable is so severe that MANY COMMENTATORS assume it is a description of HELL. It is NOT."

STOP THE CLOCK right there folks. CHARLES STANLEY just made an incredible statement in his best selling book "Eternal Security" when he said that Matthew 25:30 is NOT a description of Hell. When you study the scriptures for yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, (John 16:13) I assure you that you will see that Matthew 25:30 is most CERTAINLY a description of Hell. I assure you that the very point that Jesus Christ was making in that parable was that people can TURN away from the Lord and end up in Hell.

You have a choice to make here. You can CHOOSE to believe the words of a mere man by the name of Charles Stanley, or you can CHOOSE to believe the words of the infallible Son of God who came down from Heaven to save mankind! Charles Stanley went on to say the following in his book:

"Where is THIS PLACE represented by the ‘OUTER DARKNESS’ in Jesus’ parables? To be in the ‘OUTER DARKNESS’ is to be IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD but outside the circle of men and women whose faithfulness on this earth EARNED THEM a special rank or position of authority. The ‘OUTER DARKNESS’ represents NOT so much an actual place as it does a sphere of influence and PRIVILEGE."

This interpretation by the famous pastor Charles Stanley is simply mind-boggling! Pastor Stanley has taken the scriptures, and twisted them to make them say something that they do not say. Do his followers really believe that a person can be in outer darkness and still be in the "Kingdom of God" at the same time? Not only that but it sounds like Pastor Stanley is preaching a "works gospel" with believers earning "special privileges" according to him. Read more

John 3:3 Only those who are born again are able to see the Kingdom of God!