Persecution Increasing in South Africa, PDF format

In 1994 South Africa became the world’s youngest Communist-controlled state, when Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC), in alliance with the South African Communist Party, took power in a fraudulent election.  Even prior to that date, when the ANC was carrying out a terrorist campaign against the South African state, it was very clear that under an ANC government Christians could be persecuted; for (as documented in my book, “Holy War” Against South Africa,) terrible atrocities were committed against professing Christians throughout the country during that brutal ANC-led terrorist revolution.  And once the ANC took power in South Africa, it was just a matter of time before it undertook various legal methods of persecuting professing Christians.  Indeed, it lost no time in making its intentions clear, as documented in my article, Religious Freedom No Longer Exists in South Africa.[1]

   In recent years the pressure has increased, and this article will cover some of the latest incidents.  Please note that throughout the article we use the term “professing Christians”, for we do not know the people in person and do not know whether or not they are true Christians; and certainly in the case of Charismatic churches and others, we are opposed to many of their teachings and practices.  But the fact remains that wherever legislation like this comes into effect, true Christians suffer along with all others who profess to be Christians.  It is dangerous to all. 

  As is happening in such countries as the USA, Canada, the UK, etc., in South Africa Satan is using, in particular, legislative restrictions to persecute professing Christians.  It is what can be called “judicial persecution”.  The intent is to drastically curtail Christian freedom to believe what the Bible teaches, and to live out its teachings in practice.  There are clauses in the South African constitution which have fooled people into thinking that religious freedom is solidly protected by law; but this is in fact not the case at all.  As pointed out by Advocate Nadene Badenhorst, legal counsel for Freedom of Religion South Africa, in practice religious freedom and church autonomy are being eroded as a result of the “balancing” of these “rights” against other competing “rights”.[2]

  The assault is coming from a number of directions, but the most common tactic being employed is that of the pro-sodomy legislation in South Africa.[3]  The South African Human Rights Commission (HRC) is at the forefront of this assault on Christianity and defence of sodomy.  And by 2014 the HRC was investigating a number of cases against professing Christians for “discriminating against homosexuals”:

  The owners of a farm near Wellington, in the Western Cape province, who operate a wedding venue on their farm and who are professing Christians, withdrew permission for a lesbian couple to perform their parody of a “wedding” on the farm.  The lesbians lodged a complaint with the HRC, which undertook a probe into the incident.  Under pressure from homosexual lobby groups, some suppliers boycotted and withdrew their services from the farm.  The wedding venue also received hate mail and threats by correspondence and by phone. 

  Astounding, is it not, that it is always the professing Christians who are accused of “hate” and “intolerance” – and yet the pro-sxxomite crowd are always the ones sending hate-filled messages and making threats!  Professing themselves to be “tolerant”, they display their rabid intolerance against all who disagree with them.  They demand for themselves what they refuse to give to others.

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