One can notice through the phrases in rock music that it has common elements with religion. This music for example, recognizes a higher force that rules the world. However it becomes quickly obvious that it is not God that is praised as the Highest Benevolent Being and not even the blind "fate" of the pagan poets, but someone dark and cruel. On the periphery of the fundamental channel of rock music, there is a group that has extreme anti-Christian leanings. The cacophony of some "heavy metal" groups are permeated with occult and satanist motives. Those who overindulge in this type of chilling music are deservedly drawn down into infernal regions.

Here are some examples of ritualistic practices of black mass. During a concert staged by "Gwart," one of the participants (on stage) severed the head of a human dummy and then proceeded to sprinkle blood on the audience. Then the members of the group smeared themselves with blood, taken from the dummy and drank it! They also brought in animals on to the stage and tore their intestines out. source


Bob Dylan Admits He Sold His Soul to the Devil