Karl Marx said: “The first battlefield is the re-writing of history.” 



”Världens största minneshögtid”

Vilket hyckleri!

Sverige skänkte miljoner till ANC i hemlighet

"Eliten" med sin kommunistiska "liberala" agenda har ett sannt stöd i Sverige!

What is the Hegelian Dialectic?

"...the State 'has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State... for the right of the world spirit is above all special privileges.'" Author/historian William Shirer, quoting Georg Hegel in his The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

In 1847 the London Communist League (Karl Marx and Frederick Engels) used Hegel's theory of the dialectic to back up their economic theory of communism.

Mandela used in the Hegelian dialectic...


Nelson Mandela - Tool of the New World Order

When Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa, crime and poverty increased.

Journalist John Pilger, in his book 'Freedom Next Time', tells us:

1. South Africa is rich in minerals.

2. The average black household income has fallen by 19% since independence.

3. "The unspoken deal was that whites would retain economic control in exchange for black majority rule."

4. "Before 1994, there were secret meetings in Britain between Thabo Mbeki, the white elite and the big global companies with links to South Africa."

5. Mandela said to Pilger:

Pilger writes of Mandela that "as the first liberation president, he ordered a ridiculous and bloody invasion of tiny Lesotho - "He allowed South African armaments to be sold to Algeria, Colombia and Peru, which have notorious human rights records.

"He invited the Indonesian mass murderer General Suharto to South Africa and gave him the country's highest award . . . He recognised the brutal Burmese junta as a legitimate government."

Mandela: White Genocide with a Whimper

Madiba’s true legacy.

Nelson Mandela is dead, and South Africa without “Madiba” will be much the same as it was before: a wreck of a country with slowly collapsing infrastructure, high crime, and the slow-motion genocide of Afrikaners.

None of this much matters to the opinion makers of what used to be the West. For them, the true hallmark of leftist totalitarianism isn’t brutality—it’s kitsch, and we’ll see plenty of that. Mandela will be on every magazine cover, the Internet will be drowning in sentimental schmaltz, and Facebook will be littered with sanctimonious status updates.

Nelson Mandela Was a Terrorist/The Media Myth and Global Cult


The purpose of these articles is to provide an analysis of the contemporary South African and southern African scene from a Christian, “politically-incorrect” perspective, in order to counter the propaganda of the Reds, almost-Reds (liberals and others), and religious Reds (“liberation theologians”); to warn Christians living in South Africa of real and potential dangers; to encourage Christians elsewhere to pray for the people of this part of the world, especially for their Christian brethren; and to do what they can to assist them

Chris Hani: a Ruthless Killer who Planned South African Terror Attacks

Karl Marx said: “The first battlefield is the re-writing of history.” This is an age when, very rapidly, the truth about the past is being “revised” by Marxists, liberals and others, and unless this wicked revisionism is resisted, people will be thoroughly indoctrinated with lies and myths presented as “truth”.


Karl Marx the Freemason

Karl Marx, he was part of the SYSTEM too. Notice the "feet on the square", and the Napoleon like gesture with the coat.


Marx, Stalin and Washington with one of the Freemason´s hand signs

I do not agree with everything that is written in the articles, but the articles I think, give balance to each other and balance to the communist propaganda in the mainstream media.

God loves all races. (So do I, of course - if not I wouldn´t be a Christian.)

God created all nations to live within their own boundaries and to have their own culture.

It is God who created us and he hates copies!

He created us to be different from each other - to be original.

But God´s adversary Satan is against God´s wonderful creation.

Satan wants to destroy all God´s creation.

He wants to remove all nationalities, boundaries and races.

It is for this reason that all living beings are suffering: people, animals, and everything that grows on the earth.

SATAN IS THE DESTROYER: "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy"

JESUS IS THE LIFE GIVER: "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

Satan has many followers.

Many don´t know they follow him - neither did I before I was a new creation (2 Kor. 5:17) and became a Christian.

But many of those who exalt Mandela now, know they follow Satan and their god Lucifer.

Their goal is to put their god on the throne. 

They call him Lucifer, but he is in reality Satan.

That is why they elevate Mandela and celebrate his funeral.

And all the world´s leaders follow them in obedience to their god Satan!

They have a plan, and they will succeed with their plan - for a short time - before Jesus Christ comes and make an end to all their wickedness.

Then Jesus will create a new heaven and a new earth!

Who do you follow?


Jesus Christ came to give life. They killed him.
Mandela came to steal life. They exalted him!

Sådan är världen! Such is the world!


"They that are bound for heaven must be willing to swim against the stream, and must do, not as most do, but as the best do." ~ Wesley