Interview with David Weiss & Jim Fetzer  

The Flat Earth With David Weiss

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The question has been asked, “is the earth flat?”  A question so ridiculous that it doesn’t warrant the time to even look at any evidence if there could possibly be any.  That thought right there is a sign of an amazing, beyond belief indoctrination system.  For 6 months I ignored all the requests to watch videos and look into the possibility of the earth being flat.  

It’s just complete and utter ridiculousness and not worth a minute of my time.  Right? 

People don’t like finding out they have been lied to and a lie so massive would rock the foundation they stand on.  I’m not saying the earth is flat but there is no solid evidence that the earth is a sphere.  Just lies and dogma.

Research yourself, have the courage to look at the facts, dismiss the lies and break free from the complete control lie system.  Ask yourself, what is going on


Correction: The Bible does not say "planets" only "stars".


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