Overwhelming Proof that the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary are Demonic Deceptions

by Jeremy James

At the outset I should say that this is a difficult topic to write about. Even Catholics who are deeply sceptical about the validity of these phenomena are unlikely to become fortable with a categorical assertion that all Marian apparitions are demonic.


Some may accuse the author of bias or even religious intolerance. However, I am more than satisfied that anyone who takes the time to consider impartially the information set out in this paper will undergo a change of attitude. The facts will speak for themselves.


This critique is directed, not just at Catholics who are sincerely anxious to establish whether or not any of these apparitions are genuine, but also at born-again Christians who are being lured into the trap of Ecumenism, best exemplified by the subversive accord, Evangelicals and Catholics Together (1994).True Biblical Christianity is in crisis.

Numerous false teachings, heresies and doctrinal errors have taken a firm hold on the evangelical church over the past century or so. The pace of decay has accelerated in recent years and the Enemy is making astonishing progress. Today, the deception is so great and so cleverly constructed that the true situation is probably a good deal worse than we think.

The Bible, and in particular the Book of Revelation, has already explained the reason for this. Satan is building his own religious system, a system so close to true Christianity that the vast majority of professing Christians will be unable to tell the difference.


What is more, this version of Christianity will incorporate numerous doctrinal and practical elements that will make it acceptable to followers of all religions. Once it is fully operational it will constitute the One World global religion that the Enemy will use to usher in his own messiah, a flesh and blood man with supernatural abilities known as the Antichrist.

The Coming One-World Religion

Unless Catholics recognize that a One-World religion is in formation, and that it is central to the rise of the Antichrist, they will not understand the role of the Marian apparitions. These visions, which purport to be of Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus, are actually apparitions by Satan himself in an extremely attractive and beguiling form.

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